Mental Wellness

Wellbeing is foundational to meeting your academic goals while at McMaster and we are here to help. It is normal to have difficulty with adjustment. Whether you are far away from your home community, or you are feeling alone within the large university campus, or your course work has you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we want you to know that what you are feeling is valid. In addition to school-related stress, many students may be experiencing other personal and/or mental health struggles during their time here. At Indigenous Student Services, we normalize the difficulties that university life can bring and encourage students to put their wellbeing first.

“Self-care is very important. Check in with yourself, ask yourself how you’re doing as a whole, what you need to be content, how you can work on taking care of yourself, and then act on it. Do not put your needs last. You can’t make a positive impact without taking care of your own wellness.”

Sonia, Honours Indigenous Studies and Sociology, Level IV

About Our Wellness Counsellor

Brittany Vincze, B.A., BSW, MSW, RSW

Brittany is our counsellor who focuses on student mental health and wellness. Her role is facilitated through the Student Wellness Centre and her work is balanced between both the Student Wellness Centre (Counselling Team) and Indigenous Student Services. Brittany has Haudenosaunee (Cayuga) and settler ancestry and has resided in the Hamilton area for majority of her life. Brittany began her journey in education by completing her college diploma in Social Service Work from Mohawk College. She then went on to complete her her B.A. in Sociology and her Bachelor of Social Work from McMaster University, and then her Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Brittany has been in the field of social work and counselling for more than 9 years and has past experience working with: At-risk youth, intimate partner and family violence, eating disorder treatment, child welfare, and mental health counselling specifically with Indigenous communities. Brittany has worked with people of all ages across the lifespan, from 6 years old to seniors. Brittany is most passionate about providing holistic mental health care with Indigenous peoples and comes from a trauma-informed, social justice informed and resiliency focused lens. Brittany provides support to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students on campus. Brittany’s services include:

  • Individual counselling/psychotherapy sessions
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Wellness workshops
  • Referrals to other resources

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

For a more complete and up to date listing of all of the Health and Wellbeing supports and programs at McMaster, please visit the Okanagan Charter website.

Crisis Resources

Indigenous Student Services

  • Indigenous Student Services – Mental Health and Wellness Counselling
    • Schedule a time to meet with Brittany for individual counselling by calling 905-525-9140 x 27987
    • Drop-in time every Friday at 1:30 (LR Wilson Hall, 1811)

McMaster Mental Health Resources

  • Student Wellness Centre (PGCLL – 210)
    • Student clinic that provides medical appointments, additional counselling services as well as therapeutic groups, Student Wellness Education programs and more
  • MSU Maccess
    • Peer support and programming geared to students who identify with having a disability
  • Joseph’s Youth Wellness
    • Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Youth Wellness Centre is a safe, accessible environment for young people age 17 to 25 to receive expert mental health and substance use care by self-referral
    • Call 905-522-1155 to self-refer or for more information visit St. Joseph’s Youth Wellness Centre
  • Ontario Native Women’s Association
    • ONWA has various support services in the Hamilton area including a “Trauma Informed Worker” who provides crisis and support services, accompaniment, advocacy
    • Call 289-244-8050 to self-refer
  • De Dwa Da Dehs Nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre
    • Full service clinic and community health centre that offers primary care, mental health support, community programs, traditional healing program and more
    • Call 905) 544-4320 or for more information visit the Aboriginal Health Centre website
  • Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
    • Hamilton friendship centre that offers various supportive and community services for urban Indigenous folks
    • Call 905- 548-9593 or for more information visit the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre website
  • Mental Health Counselling through First Nations and Inuit NIHB program
  • Visit Metis Women’s Circle for information on upcoming events and programs