About the Gaǫdadęihwahni:ya:s Transition Program for Indigenous learners

“They are strengthening their knowledge.”

Find a culturally safe space to develop your community and access support among Indigenous learners before the year starts. Gaǫdadęihwahni:ya:s is a transition program for Indigenous students starting their studies at McMaster in September. Over two weeks in the summer and a full course option in the fall, you’ll learn about culture, university life and academic skill development while celebrating Indigenous values and ways of learning.

When I entered this space on the first day, I was so surprised and happy to see how many Indigenous people are here for me, to help me be prepared for university and want me to do well here.

– 2022 program participant
  • Receive a $500 bursary for participating in the summer portion of the program.
  • Receive 3.0 units of university elective credit towards your degree for participating in the Fall course (participation in the Summer program not required).
  • Learn key skills like reading academic articles, taking notes, writing essays and studying for exams, with emphasis on cultural teachings.
  • Attend well-being workshops on health and stress management.
  • Participate in cultural activities like lacrosse, storytelling, drumming, dancing, beading and quill work.
  • Get to know the campus and Indigenous community organizations through guided tours.
  • Make connections with the Elders-in-Residence.

The Gaǫdadęihwahni:ya:s Transition Program is intended for incoming Fall 2024 McMaster University Indigenous students.

This includes the following:

  • High school graduates
  • Mature students
  • Transfer students
Illustration of Indigenous  students rowing canoes.

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Complete the short application form to get started. Feel free to contact Rebecca Seles-Dring, Indigenous Transition Program Coordinator (indigstp@mcmaster.ca) if you have questions!